A bit of history

   Finely Finished was bought back in 1982 by a gentleman named Wyatt.  He bought her as a hull, with ballast, bulkheads, deck, & engine.  He also bought a couple of aluminum masts, booms and sails with all of the associated rigging.  He worked on her until he died in 2007.  His widow had one of the yards finish the fitting out, and they finally launched her in 2010.  Hence the name, Finely Finished.

Mr. Wyatt did all of the woodworking and cabinetry in the boat, and he did a very fine job indeed.  I understand that he did none of the mechanical work or rigging.  When they took the boat to the yard, the engine was in place, but not bolted down, and the masts and booms needed to be placed. There were a few other problems as well, due to her sitting for almost 30 years.  But, be that as it may, Shannon and I now own a new Ingrid, that’s not quite finally finished, if a boat ever is, and along with having a new boat, we also have a time capsule as well.  The engine is a 30 year old two cylinder Volvo MD 2 C with only 50 hours on it.  The sails are almost as old, although we’re pretty sure that we are the first to have ever hoisted them.

We had been looking seriously for a boat for almost half of a year, and looking at the ads and taking notes for about a year before that. We saw a lot of boats come on the market, some were better than others, and some were really neglected. So, when Finely Finished came on the market, we looked through all the pictures wondering if we dared to be impressed. But, we put our deposit down and made the long drive down to LA. Obviously, we were very happy with what we saw. Not only did Mr. Wyatt do a very good job on the woodworking, he had very good ideas also – and we love the fact that she’s done in light wood. We had gotten really tired of dark teak and mahogany caverns.


So, we are very happy to have her, but we also have quite a bit of work to do to her capable of cruising.  I found an old windvane, and am rebuilding it, making brackets for the reefing winches, and a bunch of other stuff.  Shannon has already built the sail covers, tiller cover, and a couple of winch covers, and once we get down there, she will make the cushions for the settees, and the V berth.

Right now Finely Finished  is in a marina in Long Beach, west of Los Angeles.  I figure we have a month or so, maybe more of work before we can bring her up, and then we may have to wait until spring, depends on the weather.