About Us

Tom has been in and around the sea for most of his adult life, as a charter boat captain, an urchin diver and commercial fisherman. I (Shannon) lived a block from the beach growing up and after 22 years in Montana decided to return to the coast, this time in Oregon.

We decided together, two years ago, to take up sailing. We bought a Dufour27 and began sailing her every week, first in the bay, then on the ocean. Our goal is to sail our new boat Finely Finished first up to the San Juan Islands then across the South Pacific. Since she is moored in Long Beach we must make her seaworthy for the trip up to Coos Bay. Here we plan to finish outfitting her for blue water cruising. Fortunately we both have the skills that allow us to make our dream reality.

This is the beginning of our voyage, we are intimidated and excited by the prospect of cruising. Fortunately there is a plethora of information on all subjects sailing, and both of us have read a great deal, and discussed what we feel is best for us.

We created this blog to share photos and ideas and ask questions of more knowledgeable  sailors. We hope you will share some of your comments and ideas with us.

Fair winds and following seas,

Tom and Shannon